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                         Printer Machine Production Quality Management tracking Sheet
Item#:   Model:   Color:    
Produce Date: :   Delivery Date:   Package Date:    
configuration information:
Boards type Board # Headbaord # Operation panel # Cleaning #    
Inspection content Description Signature of Project director Signature of group leader
Ⅰ 、Assemble      
1.raw material Check sheet metal parts, plus the workpiece, material paint    
2.assembling All parts are in place, the screws are tightened, doors and other parts after installation if there is interference scratch Case    
3.Platform Printing platform level adjustment, two-meter to measure the dynamic +15    
4.Feed-in system Feed Gap sleeve shaft wheel and print the panel must be consistent, do not mill around the printed surface does not appear tighten ran, flexible rotation    
5.Press system Ran the cloth presser lever does not wear on both sides when the toggle toggle flexible    
Ⅱ、Machining Car chassis to install flat, vertical position of the right belt, elastic medium; accessory and others Car cover mounted flush after exercise if there is interference, whether there is knocked down both sides of the box; sports car when the lid is loose; the car cover if there is interference nozzle plate and the nozzle data lines;    
1.Ink station Ink is normal stack lift, ink, ink stack cap is aligned nozzle, whether the blade
Normal movement, to the doctor, head swab put away, able to wipe the blade
2.suction fan Check the suction fan is working properly, and each adjustment    
3.belts Belts and pulleys do not move up and down, scraping belt phenomenon, and whether there is tighter conditioned space    
4.wires Board according to box-like version of the traces, so standardized and clean; the exposed part with trunking, Pipe and cable ties fixed    
5.Ink system Ink commissioning checks each card can be used normally; rub finished debugging time with cleaning solution
Leaving out ink stains
6.Function Check put unheated suction print at the same time work    
1.Parts check By packing invoice inventory is complete; body appearance parts complete (clerk training with special circumstances)    
2.Cleaning Finishing good, not dust, iron filings and other matter    


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